Three measures to strengthen the municipal Party committee in rural areas, community organizations a

Tenth phase








tenth phase

Communist Youth League Xining Municipal Office   February 28, 2011



group three measures to strengthen the village, community organizations

election supervision and guidance work


in order to strengthen the city’s rural and community organizations unified election work supervision, guidance and coordination, timely understanding of the county, rural community organizations general election and the progress of work, study and solve problems, to ensure that the city’s rural and community organizations unified election work smoothly. Combined with the actual work of the municipal Party committee, and actively take three measures to further strengthen the supervision and guidance of the city’s rural, community organizations to focus on the work of a unified election.

first, improve the working mechanism, strengthen supervision and inspection. , the establishment of rural community organizations long-term mechanism of election supervision, promptly set up by the municipal Party committee members of the party for the head of the city’s rural and community organizations unified election Steering Group on the responsibilities, supervision and supervision of each stage were clear key. The steering group will by listening to the reports, held seminars, visits and other forms of youth, Youth League members listened carefully to the grassroots organizations and opinions, to understand the actual situation, timely informed of the progress of work, unified election work in progress often focus on supervision and inspection of the county district organization.

two, focus on the work force, strengthen the guidance point. to ensure the election work smoothly, the municipal Party committee to overcome the actual staff less, for the concentrated force, work force, authorities deployed backbone, the city established the rural community organizations, centralized and unified election work guidance group, and is appointed as a hand, the county rural community organizations general election instructor. At the same time, the organization instructor seriously study the relevant methods and articles of Association for the general election of rural and community organizations, and are familiar with the policies and regulations concerning the general election of rural and community organizations. Requirements for instructors are often deep into the contact counties of the township (street), rural (community) to carry out specific guidance, to further grasp the work, grasp the work dynamics, sum up the promotion of rural community organizations, the work of the election in each stage of good experiences and good practices.

three, adhere to the party building with the group, strengthen supervision. municipal Party committee firmly relying on the party building with the mission, the mission to promote the construction of the party, a good working circle;

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