North 32 thousand landless farmers busy training

In the background of rapid urbanization, Chengbei district also has 32 thousand landless farmers, in order to enable farmers to adapt to city life, grasp proficiency in a particular line, recently, the North District launched a series of entrepreneurship training of farmers, help farmers achieve by "agriculture" to "work" the transformation. It is reported that the north area through guide the farmers to change "and rely on" ideas, establish self-improvement, self-reliance, enhance the confidence of employment, and to classify the intention of employment of landless peasants, according to market demand and farmers need to establish the training content, training to improve the employment rate. Training related to excavators, Chinese cooking, car maintenance, embroidery and electrical and other professional skills and practical skills training farmers farming. There are 75 landless peasants entrepreneurial intention of entrepreneurship training on the area; to provide small loans to 250 thousand yuan for landless farmers; farmers receive training after graduation certificate, District People Club Bureau actively contact area of enterprises, and organize the "spring breeze post" activities, to ensure that these farmers brothers can really go to work. From 2012 to date, a total of nearly 4000 landless peasants training in the north of the city.  

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