Do not take seriously the safety of food Xining Xiguan Street individual businesses punished

recently, Xining Xiguan Street trade and industry investigated a few households do not take seriously food safety, the sale of expired food shops.

, according to the director of the West Main Street industrial and commercial office, from October 9th onwards, the West Main Street industry and commerce to investigate and deal with the three noes, expired food as the focus, 10 consecutive days to check the food business households 179. Among them, the young college Tongren Road Lane, lane, a total of 5 food stores seized 186 bags of biscuits, melon seeds, candy and other overdue pre-sale of packaged food, and fined. However, individual business households to pay the fine, showing a pair of not take it seriously attitude: "the sale of expired food no matter what!" In this regard, law enforcement officers to persuade them to educate and remind the majority of business owners pay attention to food safety issues, in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


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