Huangzhong invested 140 million yuan to build a tourist town

in recent years, with the rapid development of our province tourism province construction, taking advantage of Huangzhong county has the Kumbum Monastery 5A scenic and on the investment of 140 million yuan to build a set of tourism scenic spots construction, food and housing, travel, shopping and entertainment as one of the.

according to the province’s tourism development planning, tourism resources are very rich in Huangzhong County, around the Kumbum Monastery, Zha Ma Long Lantau Peak, DOPA national plateau sports training base, Qunjia national Forest Park, on the beach, take a new potion tourism scenic area such as cultural and natural landscape, promote Tibetan Buddhism cultural tourism resort, Xining folk crafts exhibition center the province’s cultural tourism town construction process. In the construction, adhere to the project, improve the tourism infrastructure. 140 million yuan investment in key projects, including the Tibetan village project, construction area of 2240 square meters of suyouhua Museum expansion project, the construction area of 9600 square meters of Qinghai Tibetan Culture Museum of cultural and Creative Industries Park two construction projects, built four star tourism scenic spot, a public toilet installed Street 70, for the purchase of scenic garbage freight car 2.

in order to further improve the local tourism popularity, Huangzhong county actively carry out publicity, successfully held the Kumbum Monastery suyouhua Cultural Tourism Festival, "eight petal lotus" folk art and non heritage boutique exhibition, 2013 Xining city rural tourism start ceremony of the second session of the "taste of Huangzhong · rural tourism" contest, the first "sweet delicacy Bahrain card Cup" mountain bike cross-country challenge and other activities. And strengthening the tourism law enforcement efforts to combat undocumented instructors explain the behavior, to prevent the "bully", "shake off", "rip off" acts, and undocumented guides 8, illegal tour guides 10 passengers.

at the end of September interview with reporters, this year the county’s total tourism income of 502 million yuan, an increase of 52.5%, a total of 2 million 677 thousand and 200 domestic and foreign tourists trips, an increase of 36.8%. During the national day, the county received a total of 89 thousand and 300 tourists, tourism revenue of $17 million 50 thousand, an increase of 30.48% and 49.34%. (author: Zhang Duojun Su Feng)

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