North to build a livable landscape

since last year, the north area of water, fully tap the resource potential, the improvement of people’s livelihood, the annual GDP of 19 billion yuan, per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 18293 yuan. This year, the north area will be in fine service full effort on the planning of the unique city Greenview, to build livable city as the first competitive landscape.

this year, north area to the park area, supporting projects, renovation, characteristics of leading, management innovation as the starting point, and strive to improve the quality and efficiency of economic growth, vigorously promote ecological construction, accelerate urban and rural development, improve people’s livelihood and welfare. On land, in the project investment, facilities, surrounding environment, labor employment, pollution governance and other aspects of coordinating services, attracting a number of environmental protection, science and technology, industry oriented Small and micro businesses settled, driven by small and micro enterprises in development.

in addition, in order to improve the bearing function and brand influence the city, north of the city zone will rely on the mountains, rivers, forests, relics and other elements of the symbol, the unique mountain, focus on small and Xichuan unitary hill slope before, Beichuan, Dongshan, Danlaxi transit Ping Xi freeway landscape along the road and along the river, along the road around the green building, and strive to the increase of 2100 acres of forest. Around the community, streets and alleys, continue to promote the construction of urban green space, small garden and leisure venues. Full opening of Chaoyang Road small garden, Chaoyang Park renovation planning implementation, and strive to form a "go out to see the green, Green Street tours, the point of" fusion of city green. We will continue to make efforts to promote the comprehensive management of the Beichuan River Basin and the comprehensive development of the ecological environment, water system, landscape and coastal areas.


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