Central to take measures to control air pollution

air pollution control is an important task to improve people’s livelihood and promote the construction of ecological civilization. In March 10th, the reporter from the comprehensive management of environmental pollution in the area of work meeting was informed that this year, the region through the implementation of "strong leadership, in addition to dust, soot, modulation to control the source of many other initiatives, the real trick, see the effectiveness in the prevention and control of air pollution, improve air quality, eliminate the" heart and lung patient".

sprinkling dust purification air quality. At present, people always encounter the sprinkler in the dust, but also to see the city some bare loess slope "dressed", even the mound, coal piles were covered up. According to the "demolition site Weidang, sprinkler, sand cover, material shed of the idea, the area of the city will be the implementation of various types of construction site Weidang construction site demolition work, do water pressure dust, waste residue timely removal, timely completion of construction backfill, bare ground in hard greening. At the same time, change the garbage cleaning and removal, the main road by mechanical cleaning, the city main road regular sprinkler pressure dust, the implementation of urban transportation management with material vehicles, to prevent illegal smuggling of waste, environmental pollution caused by scattered. Through the above measures, the basic realization of the city, the five one hundred percent, that is, the construction site around the block, material piled up, out of the vehicle flushing, construction site ground hardening, demolition site wet operations 100%.

reduce soot emission from coal control. Strict control of coal pollution. This area is in the soot pollution, on the one hand to speed up coal-fired boiler coal gas transformation step, the end of August full completion of natural gas pipeline network within the coverage area of the coal gas, the natural gas pipe network coverage according to the city’s natural gas pipeline laying progress follow up; on the other hand, comprehensive management of catering industry coal smoke pollution, requiring coal-fired catering units installation lampblack net equipment, set up special flue high-altitude emissions of soot, smoke of not implementing the prevention measures and do not meet environmental requirements of energy catering units to intensify supervision and rectification efforts.

pollution reduction row strict control enterprise pollution. Strengthen supervision, strict control of corporate environmental pollution. The environmental impact assessment as a precondition for planning, development and reform, land and other departments of the construction project approval, from the source to strictly control high energy consumption, high pollution and high emission enterprises access mechanism, based on the combination of unblocking, the implementation of "off, stop, move, change measures of polluting enterprises, and resolutely investigate and ban licenses all, beyond the scope of license expired or engaged in the production and operation of the enterprise; the elimination of backward production capacity, technology and equipment, the full implementation of cleaner production in enterprises.

grid management to expand in depth. To further rationalize the grid environment monitoring system, build a comprehensive classification regulation, the party with responsibility, environmental supervision system, leading the pack of responsibility ", and constantly establish and improve the grid control, inspections and urge, accountable effective working mechanism. Take the street management, community responsibility, comprehensive supervision, the way, the organization of the streets, community cadres dicing contract, daily tour supervision of various types of air pollution behavior. At the same time, strictly implement the party with responsibility, a pair of job duties, the leaders personally take overall responsibility for;

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