City administrative examination and approval again downsizing

city intends to cancel and adjust the 45 administrative examination and approval items. In recent years, the municipal Party committee and government attach great importance to the reform of the administrative examination and approval system, and strive to do the least administrative approval, approval efficiency, innovation and entrepreneurial environment is one of the best cities. To further promote decentralization, improve processing efficiency, optimize the innovation environment, the office for the city again comprehensive clean regulate the existing 130 administrative approval items. Among them, the proposed cancellation of administrative examination and approval items 8, decentralization of administrative examination and approval of the administrative level of the project 7, the merger of the administrative examination and approval of the project, modify the name of the project 3, change the management of the 6, a total of cancellation and adjustment of the 45.

8 administrative approval items canceled the

, can take on the matter, after regulation and indirect management, no longer set for approval; to cancel approval related qualification; according to the economic and social development, market mechanisms can be used to replace the administrative examination and approval, can be effectively regulated by the market mechanism; citizens and legal persons and other organizations can solve the self-discipline; difficult to play an effective role in the administrative examination and approval was canceled. Including the seal engraving industry issued by the special trade license, Chinese citizens of EEP, qualification of teachers, because of the expense approval, accounting agency qualification examination and approval etc..

decentralization management level administrative examination and approval of the project 7, some directly to the grassroots and the masses, lower management more convenient and effective administrative examination and approval matters delegated to the next level of government management. Among them, the veterinary drug business license, the qualification of metrological verification and approval, the measurement of standard instruments, the manufacture and repair of measuring instruments, etc..

combined with administrative examination and approval of the project 21, the project content is similar, repeat settings, approval procedures for the same or similar integration. Including government investment projects approved within the limit, the limit of investment projects approved by the domestic and foreign enterprises, investment projects within the limits approved by the enterprise, foreign travel permits, residence permits for foreigners, foreigners, such as ordinary visas.

changes in the management of the administrative examination and approval of the project has 6, belonging to the Department within the scope of responsibility for administrative approval items into administrative services. Including outdoor advertising registration, mainland residents to Taiwan pass, Taiwan residents to the mainland endorsement, Taiwan resident endorsement, construction project land pre-trial.

In addition to

, but also in accordance with the provisions of the law to regulate the name of the project, a total of 3 amendments to the name of the administrative examination and approval project. Including health products production license, maternal and child health care technical personnel certificate and maternal and child health care service license.


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