Last year, the province’s 34 key enterprises to complete the direct financing of $48 billion 632 mil

last year, our province with abundant financing instruments, open up the financing channels, to solve the problems of enterprise financing difficulties, financing expensive, as of 12 at the end of 2015, the province’s 34 key enterprises total direct financing 48 billion 632 million yuan, an increase of 52.36%.

in 2015, our province enterprise direct financing tool is more than 20, the new private placement, perpetual bills, ultrashort finance, equity pledge, asset securitization and other financing tools. Among them, the bond financing of 25 billion 700 million yuan, accounting for 52.84%; trust financing 5 billion 340 million yuan, accounting for 10.98%; the other new financing tool for financing 17 billion 592 million yuan, accounting for 36.17%, compared to the same period in 2014 increased by 16.36 percentage points. In particular, the successful issuance of the Northwest’s first 1 billion 700 million yuan asset securitization project and the first phase of the province’s $1 billion permanent votes.

if in accordance with the channel division, last year, the province’s enterprises through financial institutions to obtain direct financing 30 billion 116 million yuan, accounting for more than 61.93%. Among them, the provincial financial institutions through direct financing 20 billion 316 million yuan, accounting for more than 41.77%, an increase of $6 billion 138 million over the same period in 2014, the province’s financial institutions to support the direct financing of enterprises more significant. In addition, through securities companies, Asset Management Co, Qinghai equity trading center and other channels to achieve direct financing 18 billion 516 million yuan, accounting for more than 38.07%.

encourage and support large enterprises make use of direct financing, credit scale to support small and micro enterprises, not only to optimize the financing structure, but also reduces the comprehensive financing cost of enterprises, played a positive role in improving our province enterprise financing difficulties, financing expensive problem. According to estimates, the province’s direct financing weighted average interest rate of about 5.94%, representing a decrease of about 1.28 percentage points over the same period in 2014.


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