Strengthening the training of the application of geographic information system to support the develo


    recently, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics organized the training of geographic information system. Deputy director of the Bureau of Wang Zhigong and Zhao Qiurong, deputy director of the County Bureau of statistics and the Bureau of the census offices staff participated in the training of writing. Geographic Information System (GIS) is a kind of geographic information system, which integrates the electronic map, the directory database, the census, the census, the census and the statistical yearbook. This training will mainly describes the statistical geographic information system platform architecture and function realization of the system, in addition to the statistics and analysis of basic data query, covering the range from the surface to the point, from the plane to the stereo omni-directional analysis and display, build a visualization platform to broaden the population census data development the breadth and depth, so as to provide scientific basis for the municipal Party committee, municipal government policy, also in various fields, to better serve the application of a variety of needs of the industry to provide strong support.   at the same time, according to the Provincial Bureau of statistics summary of the procedures and feedback data, the city Bureau of statistics on the city’s census data in a timely manner to collate, summarize, and careful review, to ensure accurate census data. At present, the data of the sixth counties in the district have been fed back to the County Bureau of statistics.


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