The key part of early closing forest

forest fire situation is very grim, the city has more than more than and 10 consecutive days of Forest Fire Weather Grade 5, easily lead to forest fires. Therefore, forest fire prevention headquarters office 10 days in advance of the key part of the mountain forest.

January 26th, the provincial meteorological service center in Xining and other places of the forest and grassland fire yellow warning signal, indicating that the city’s two mountains in the north and South at moderate risk, easily lead to fire. Recently, when the students have a holiday and the Spring Festival approaching, more people Shangfen burning paper, fireworks and other phenomena, artificial fire also increases the need for forest fire caused by extra vigilance.

for the recent severe fire situation, city fire office first in the city to carry out forest fire prevention work, investment on the yuan, making the forest fire prevention publicity sheet, printed "in the primary forest fire safety education Handbook" and "forest fire prevention publicity manual" more than 5000 books, the fire knowledge known to every family. At the same time, in the city to carry out a thorough and thorough, without leaving a dead end of the forest fire prevention inspection, the city’s Rangers patrol staff to ensure that 24 hours patrol on duty to prevent the occurrence of fire. Fire departments at all levels to raise funds in various ways, the procurement of various types of materials up to 10 million, has now been fully allocated to each of the forest units, green areas and towns, to provide adequate material support for forest fire. At any time to the whole society issued a forest fire weather warning level for the city’s forest fire prevention work to provide the basis for decision-making.


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