Xining West Railway Station to develop 12 warm service measures

Spring Festival approaching, Xining West Railway Station for the flow of passengers and spring festival features developed 12 warm service measures.

According to

, deputy director of the Qinghai Tibet Railway Company Xining West Railway Station Shanghai Ling introduced the development of the 12 warm service measures were:

angel of love squad service, free of charge to help passengers and special focus of disabled old pregnant travelers into the station; on and off, and the conductor focus on the implementation of passenger transfer, to provide services for passengers, taxi waiting.

customer service desk, provide free passenger trains for passengers with concise time; sewing kit, bandage, plaster, presbyopic glasses, chess, luggage, a binding rope convenient service activities; to help passengers find lost people, accompanying the tickets and other documents and articles about common sense Advisory railway.

love assistive service for disabled passengers, provide free wheelchairs, stretchers, crutches, to help the injured passengers, taxi, bus stop earlier.

Little Red Riding Hood service team to help passengers carry luggage, according to the price [2009] No. 206 file, the implementation of paid services.

weather forecast service for passengers to provide free weather changes at the time of arrival, for travelers to arrange their travel itinerary to provide information services.

mother and child station, in order to carry the baby within 6 months of the baby free of charge to provide rest, nursing space, providing baby carriages, baby beds, water services, can be pulled in advance.

accessibility services, the station ticket office 1, No. 2 ticket window for barrier free ticket window; waiting hall on the west side of the barrier free toilet, accessible to disabled passengers.

24 hours to provide drinking water, large passenger flow when equipped with thermal insulation barrels, in order to meet the needs of passengers waiting for drinking water.

Easy Access service, and critically ill patients required help passengers holding provincial medical units transferred to prove.

provides Unicom mobile phone users self-service payment, mobile users manual window payment business.

in the ticket office to provide self-service ticket machines and self-service ticketing machines, and provide service consulting and shopping guide services.

focus on passenger service card, to achieve full service, focus on care, to facilitate the focus of passengers to facilitate their family shuttle. (author: Ni Xiaoying)

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