Rectification of the city, four winds ills see results

In September 12th, a reporter from the City Commission was informed that since the party’s mass line educational practice activities, the city focus on the four winds outstanding problems, and strengthen measures to carry out special rectification, to the behavior of the scale, the disadvantages of the style of big sword, in order to solve the problem of credibility, to win the hearts of the people is a breeze. To cancel the decentralization of merger approval 177 in strict accordance with the "on deepening the" four winds outstanding issues special rectification work notice "requirements, through strict examination and approval procedures, strict examination, strictly control the scale of the meeting issued a document content, effectively regulate the documents receiving and meeting set, the mountain of the sea phenomenon has been effectively curbed. At the end of August, the city party and government organs at all levels meeting documents significantly decreased, the municipal government to name the meeting fell 18.5%, to the municipal government and the office of the documents issued in the name fell 22%; the county units up to streamline meetings 853, streamline document 2191. Clean up and rectify the standard of recognition of the project to establish the allocation of the project is not reasonable, too many projects, the selection cycle, recognition of arbitrariness and other issues, a total of 85 projects to clean up the recognition criteria. The city canceled, decentralization, merger approval matters 177, municipal departments to streamline the approval of 51.7%. Cadres membership card shopping card holds zero set up headed by the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, industry and commerce, public security, culture, tourism, architecture, commerce and other relevant departments of the rectification club in unhealthy work leading group, to conduct a comprehensive investigation of the city area clubs, bars, tea houses, the city registered a total area of the bar, tea, karaoke and other entertainment in 305, of which the name contains "club" market players 34, not the market main body of membership of the club and open only to a few places such as a "private club" nature of the discovery. At the same time, the city’s party and government organs to carry out a comprehensive membership card repaying activities, do the cadres of membership cards, shopping cards hold zero. 43 people were subject to Party discipline accountability of 12 people in the city to carry out "serious work discipline, improve the executive ability, turn style, implement, make the model, improve implementation capacity", "not as slow as a series of positive wind Su Ji special rectification activities. Units in the city’s window organizations to carry out the standardization of services, and promote the continued improvement of the sector and industry style. Has composed of 54 inspection teams to work style, the city’s 195 departments and units to improve efficiency, change the establishment of normal management mechanism were repeatedly thorough investigation. Since the campaign, the city discipline inspection organs at all levels to Tilly Su Ji thorough investigation activities 327 times, focusing on the 153, there have been 43 people were accountable, 12 people were given party discipline 10 people, 12 people were informed criticism, admonishing conversation, 9 people were warning interviews, 11 cases of violation of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection the provisions of the eight Central and 7 rural grassroots cadres violating law and typical cases were notified. Through special rectification, the majority of Party members and cadres to enhance the sense of purpose, work efficiency, work quality and service levels improved significantly. 82 vehicles equipped with the regulation of repaying the illegal use exceed the standard bus, the Municipal Committee and the municipal government deputy mayor of the original countryside is equipped for off-road vehicles;

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