Wang Jianjun stressed the integration of resources to expand the coverage of rural information servi

May 12th, Wang Jianjun, deputy secretary of the provincial Party committee to the provincial science and technology innovation service hall, on-site inspection of rural information service platform construction and operation. He stressed that information is an important part of the new four modernizations, but also a strong driving force for agricultural modernization. All relevant departments should integrate information resources, strengthen the docking work, and constantly improve the use of information technology services, three rural level.

study, Wang Jianjun carefully watched a live demonstration of the staff, to listen to the briefing carefully, do not ask, details about the operation and management mode and service process of the platform, see the green beauty tracing operation of e-commerce platform based on service platform, and enterprise responsible for future development planning, policy requirements and suggestions etc. the in-depth exchanges.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that the promotion of rural information technology, for the three rural development of information services, significant. The platform of rural information service and green America e-commerce platform for the construction and operation of Qinghai agriculture to "Internet plus" era to explore the road, work is very creative, very valuable. He stressed that the development of rural informatization, electronic commerce is represent the general trend, Party committees and governments at all levels especially agriculture related departments should keep pace with the times, accelerate the change of ideas, innovative ways to improve the service level of the "three rural". All regions and relevant departments should actively docking with the provincial service platform Unicom, the provincial platform to expand the scope of services, so that more farmers to participate in the interaction, enjoy fast and convenient information services. To implement bilingual and multilingual services as soon as possible, especially for the poor farmers to carry out personalized information service, help the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty. The electronic commerce platform to be based in Qinghai, focusing on advocacy, promotion, sales of the plateau characteristics of agricultural and sideline products, agricultural and sideline products to expand Internet sales channels, to further improve the platform, integration of resources, establish a brand, highlight the characteristics, improve the mode of payment and service content, and strive to build food traceability service certification, to ensure product quality and safety of the electronic commerce platform, technology good standard and sincere service to the construction of Qinghai electricity supplier ecosystem services "in the process, win the market better, enhance the growth of their agriculture.


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