Xining City Office of the ancient city – a small office to do the livelihood of the people

Xining City Office of the ancient city to focus on 10 priorities to promote small government, the people’s livelihood.

yesterday, according to the relevant person in the western city government introduced the main content of the 10 key work guchengtai office has just finalized the construction, convenient service network, the establishment of the ancient city of Taiwan convenient service center, the establishment of 4 convenience service station in the community, and with 5 people call for help.

The launch of

years old in patient care, help, help, part-time, lock, lock, employment, heating circuit renovation, renovation, the nanny, Yuesao, milkman, newspaper, generation collection of water and electricity, telephone charges, clear water, wash clean, buy 15 service measures free or at cost price, to provide services to the masses.


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