To ensure the effectiveness of the activities of the carrier innovation activities (deeds selected t

Datong County Water Bureau to carry out the "firm belief, faith and confidence" party theme educational activities, combined with the actual, innovation carrier, rich content, stimulate initiative of the majority of Party members and dedication, the courage to forge ahead, to ensure that activities have achieved some success.
A is through traditional education, purify the party spirit. During the "three letter" education activities, through the organization of all Party members and cadres to carry out famous songs, watch patriotic films, the history of knowledge contest, visit the patriotism education base, to relive the party oath and other activities, review the history of the party, keep in mind the purpose of the party, to clear their own responsibility and mission, and actively play an exemplary role, to the practice of Scientific Outlook on Development, the firm always with faith and construction of the party’s prosperity, harmony, ecological and livable "Datong new confidence and determination.

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