2013 clean food exhibition of nearly $500 million

2013 China (Qinghai) International Halal food and products exhibition ended yesterday, during the exhibition, on-site sales, domestic and foreign trade turnover, investment and trade cooperation project agreement funds amounted to nearly $500 million, visit, consumer traffic over 200 thousand people, the exhibition scale, unprecedented popularity and achievements.

day sales 5 million: from the 50 countries and regions of the enterprises participated in the exhibition of the exhibition and trade and economic exchanges, exhibition hall, the daily sales of more than $5 million 792. According to preliminary statistics, during the exhibition, on-site sales of more than 20 million yuan, domestic and foreign trade turnover of $73 million 500 thousand, investment and trade cooperation project agreement funds of about $422 million, a total of three equivalent to nearly $500 million. Among them, the province signed a trade contract project more than 40. The exhibition through the exhibition site, the economic and trade cooperation Roundtable, procurement fairs and other activities, not only to provide good enterprise and product image promotion platform for exhibitors, but also for the industry at home and abroad to provide face-to-face communication to discuss cooperation opportunity and platform, the exhibition will achieve maximum benefits, allow participants to get the harvest.

– top international exhibition exhibitors: according to the previous maximum, especially in the exhibition hall layout, according to the international and professional exhibition, highlighting the Iran, Malaysia and other countries, the domestic museum province (city) special equipment exhibition hall, supporting activities, from domestic and foreign experts and scholars not only discusses the development the status quo of domestic and foreign halal industry, the prospect of cooperation between Chinese and Muslim countries trade, and puts forward practical suggestions to strengthen Sino foreign cooperation on how to enhance the product brand.

: the exhibition exhibition – the delicacy fragrance, not only highlighting the province’s rich and colorful ethnic culture, plateau characteristics and advantages of resources, the development of halal industry achievements and deliberately to industrial advantages, but also pay attention to the domestic and foreign exhibitors of the geographical characteristics, cultural characteristics and development prospects. 84 companies from 17 countries and nearly 300 kinds of products exhibition, many national new products exhibition, to accelerate the halal industry docking between China and Muslim countries, expand between China and Muslim Halal Products Trade Cooperation in new areas have a positive effect.

– people from Iran barbecue event: Saffron candy, jelly, Malaysia, Turkey, Africa and other crafts at home and abroad, the exhibition exhibits not only make the exhibition a superb collection of beautiful things, show the full image, but also enrich the people of Qinghai diet culture and life. The majority of the people in our province, especially in Xining, Haidong Muslim masses is like a holiday, the family rushed to the exhibition site. Every day, the exhibition site crowded, sales unpopular, people look happy, merchants sell happy. (author: Xiao Yu)

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