People’s Park surgery program to determine the investment of 250 million points in two phases

In 1959, Xining’s first comprehensive urban park – Xining people’s park. After more than half a century after the expansion, renovation, now it is located west of the Huangshui River and Beichuan River in Xining city at the junction of the park has become the largest park in the city of Xining, park trees, winding corridors, Shuige birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers, and beautiful. In October 1995, Xining city by the "eight" of the selection committee and the general public vote, the people’s Park in Xining was named one of the eight new. 56 contained in the rain, the people’s Park, a collection of several generations of Xining people’s historical imprint and good memories.

56 years of people’s Park in urgent need of reform

: total planning layout structure, a shaft, three pieces, six area, multi point.

A: space axis axis from history to now updatesThree:

six: the image display area, plant area, service area, comprehensive entertainment area management,;

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