Electronic regulation of all retail drugs

In August 10th, reporters from the city food and drug supervision and Management Bureau, the bureau started the implementation of electronic monitoring of all retail drug action in the pharmaceutical retail industry, and strive to the end of the year, the implementation of electronic monitoring of drug retail enterprises reached more than 80%.It is reported that

, sharing a set of database to realize the integration of the use of advanced information technology, solve the bottleneck problems of supervision of food and drug safety supervision means and lack of strength, improving food and drug safety supervision, food and drug administration, the food and drug safety information construction as a key work in the forefront one of the. The next step, the city’s food and drug supervision departments will take informatization construction as an important support to strengthen food and drug supervision work comprehensively, to enhance the use of the information as the main line, team building for the protection, covering food, health food, medicines, cosmetics and medical devices supervision business six business platform of administrative law enforcement, information monitoring, emergency management public service, decision support and internal management, food and drug supervision information system interoperability, information sharing, business collaboration, unified and efficient, and promote the dynamic regulation of the sunshine approval, scientific decision, to promote the food and drug supervision and continuously improve service levels, and further enhance the efforts of the whole information system, promote the informatization construction supervision food and drug safety is more mature and more perfect, improve food and drug supervision work of water Ping, for the safe use of drugs escort.

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