And the cold air will blow

yesterday, Xining ushered in the sunny weather, as of 17, the daily maximum temperature up to 25.9 DEG C. The weather is so good, so many ladies have put on a summer, can reporters from the provincial meteorological station said that the future will have cold air swept from Xining during the rain, the highest temperature will decline, hope that people will pay attention to add clothes.

yesterday morning, the streets of Xining, the temperature is a little cold, but the reporter in the street but to see a lot of Ms. Amy had to wait for the summer, some girls even wear shorts and sandals. With the gradual rise in temperature, at noon, the streets have more people took off his coat, have short sleeved battle. Provincial meteorological station chief forecaster Zhang Qingmei said that the temperature difference between day and night is characteristic of Qinghai, in the sunny breeze at night, affected by radiation cooling, the minimum temperature will be reduced to a relatively low, daytime temperatures rise rapidly, caused by the temperature difference between day and night.

it is understood that the night of 22 to 23 at night, the province will have a precipitation process, 20 to 21 at night during the day, the greater part of Menyuan County, Haidong, Datong County have showers, the rest of the province cloudy or sunny; 21 to 22 at night during the day, most of Xining, Huzhu County, people County, Yushu, northeast of Golog showers of snow, sunny or cloudy the rest of the province; 22 to 23 at night during the day, cloudy and cold lake, the rest of the province have light rain snow, Xining, Haidong, Haibei, Huangnan, Golog in local area has the rain and snow. During the most of the province’s daily maximum temperature will decline. Washington (reporter Rong Lijun)



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