Cool Xining China dream Valley Cup nternational hiking festival held

2013 cool Xining China dream Valley Cup International hiking Festival, will be held on July 20th. For this event, to ensure that the activities carried out smoothly, Xining City Bureau of traffic control activities line arrangement, the event will be the day of 9, make adjustments to the bus lines to activity line, some sections of the implementation of traffic control, until the end of the event.

It is reported that

, the international hiking day, 3 bus line adjustment for the road to the South Gate Street, the road, West Street, Yangtze River return; 4 road a machine tool factory to central square turned back to the bus lines; 12 bus line adjustment to return to Chaoyang School seamount; 34 bus line adjustment to the biological park. Zhifang street, the central square to return; the 58 bus line adjustment to Zhifang Street Huangchuan middle school, the center of the square returns.

80 bus line south end point station today will be temporarily suspended for five vehicles to the Yellow River, Beishan Road straight to the West Main Street, to Shen Zhai returning to the bridge; 84 bus lines total station today temporary outage end point village, biological park the vehicle line to the newspaper, 71 bridge, the Yellow River Road, five crossroads turn back.

301 bus line adjustment for yanggouwan and gold silicon junction, vehicle, Roca Bay Village, unity bridge, Fourth Army Hospital, the peninsula garden, the new century new occupation technical school, Jia Ronghua District, East Tibet, Pearl Garden District, Liyuan Road, east district government, South Street, eleven. Go to Kunlun under the bridge turn back; 303 lines of small village, a strict adjustment for machine tools, agricultural and sideline products, three of the central plateau, West Village, Xigang West, Ma Fangdong, Ma Xingyuan, Salt Village, sea lake bridge, Normal University, commercial street, to the five crossroads turn back; 304 line adjustment for Taiwan Garden, Sunjiazhai, Hamlet, Jian, Shi Toulei, Mo Jia Quan Bay Village, biological park intersection, Tao Jiazhai, new century garden, Tianjun bridge, happy city district, North Bridge, apricot, bath, to five Fork back.

In addition to the

bus lines to make adjustments in the activities of the day, 103 bus and 302 bus lines for International Walking Festival arrangements, and traffic control, to the end of the game today from 9 am to temporarily stop operations, to traffic after deregulation, resumed operations. Other bus routes through the Central Plaza and across the Yangtze River Road and other sections of the control line in the control period to wait for the passage, do not adjust the line.

in addition, according to the line arrangement, Xining to Huangzhong urban and rural lines from 10 to 14:30 temporary stop operations, and then resume normal operation. (author: Zheng Sizhe)



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