People are prone to earn new wealth Hot pot Hot pot

many well known, many people are now on the extremely popular Hot pot, Hot pot spicy delicious so many businesses would like to lead a person to endless aftertastes, a Hot pot stores, and now many people have unusual fashion Hot pot is now more popular on popular business opportunities, triggered a new boom.

Hot pot marketing and the new tactics are secret 100 Hot pot lying

it is understood that the day of the store invited 100 people at home and abroad in Chengdu fashion, net red, KOL to the store to taste food. With this new exotic party activities in the form of cross-border Chengdu’s most traditional cuisine, the use of emerging Internet communication strategy, the main impact of personal IP, attracting attention of young fashion groups. Reporters on the scene found that, in addition to participate in the activities of the people of fashion and the of red Yan high, the hot pot shop in the taste, the environment, the creativity of the foot of the effort.

Hot pot marketing and the new tactics are secret 100 Hot pot lying

, an international friend from the United States AK told reporters that he likes to eat hot pot because his girlfriend was in love with Chengdu hot pot. And the taste of the hot pot and the environment is the hot pot restaurant where he had eaten, the best one. Not only have Chinese characteristics, but also international mix, such as imported beer, beef, cheese mousse cake shop.

reporter also found that the site has a of red anchor during the live broadcast of this event, while eating hot pot, while interacting with fans. Still live in the room for the fans to send welfare. When asked how the taste, she said, although live over a number of hot pot restaurants, but this is her favorite. On the one hand because the environment is very small, on the one hand, I think the dishes are creative. Just before she saw the dishes there is a long look like a cow like sugar dishes, it is amazing, completely unable to understand the way to eat hot pot boil sugar. When the waiter told her that it was actually a shrimp, she and her fans were shocked.

find the flower Hot pot head Mr. Zhang told reporters, flowers for the name comes from a poem: "a flower tree, carrying a pot of wine". He hopes to find flowers in addition to bring you delicious, but also to make everyone happy. Therefore, all the guests in the store can see the need for ultra high color. Whether it is fitting, pendulum, appliances or color matching. Every detail to achieve the ultimate. Let the guests in the quest to harvest a heavy and heavy surprise!

today, as people have more and more interest in fashion now lie Hot pot, Hot pot business should not be underestimated, is now joining Hot pot is very hot, with the unique taste of the people Hot pot, Hot pot’s favorite, is a lot of business opportunities.

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