Man Entertains Crowd Eating Broken Bottle

first_imgA crowd of onlookers were thrilled by a young man who told them he could chew broken bottles and eat a bowl of sand for dinner.The corner of Benson and MacDonald Street late yesterday afternoon was besieged with the man who told onlookers that like all people elsewhere he has talent that deserved to be promoted.Appealing for a set amount, the man, shirtless, to the surprise of onlookers, placed an empty bottle in a cloth and knocked it on a hard surface till it was broken into pieces.On a cue, a young man handed him a bag of water and the performer poured the water on the broken bottles to wash them before the actual chewing would begin.“You cannot eat dirty food,” he remarked. Those bystanders who were not strong at heart stood afar, and might have run if what was about to happen changed course.Suddenly, the young man, hair shooting this way and that way, grabbed a bunch of the broken bottles with his bare hand and forced them into his mouth at intervals. People watching the scene held their breath.And he began to chew.“What kind of sport is this?” an onlooker said.The performer kept at his job oblivious of the danger that many onlookers had in mind.He later told his audience that there are talented people in Liberia that only needed material promotion.The show went on for a considerable period of time as many looked on with amazement at a man who seemed to enjoy doing what normally no one in his right man would venture to do.The performer concluded his show by washing down the broken bottles he had swallowed.Later, he began to vomit everything down, unharmed.But for those who thronged at the free-show, the demonstration gave them much to think of, for the entire evening, as they argued about the story of a man who can eat and vomit broken bottles.“That guy has talent,” a man said as he walked away, satisfied of the free-show.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more