Stationmaster net broadcast 11 years of operation of the banner network announced the closure of the

1 banner network why closed? Time goes to the community of  


July 28th

news aggregation site banner network today announced the forum officially closed, it is reported that in early July the banner network has stopped updating, in this regard, the official did not make any explanation.

announcement reads as follows:

respected banner network users, thank you for many years of company. Due to business needs, we immediately terminate the provision of content services. Please forgive us for the inconvenience. Banner network July 2015 read more

Five artifact free network promotion

is currently a lot of enterprises in the network to promote this piece, there has been a common problem. That is to spend money to promote the network will certainly be a lot easier than free, at least in terms of the workload is so, even the income will certainly be stronger than the free one hundred times. The problem is do not know how to do the free network promotion, network promotion methods may not be suitable for all promotion, the promotion has unique needs for selective good promotion planning is good, if what promotion methods are a try, the effect is certainly not to go. read more

Feifei when the work was delayed for 1 hours to become a network marketing

we do SEO, engage in network optimization marketing is basically a night owl, stay up to 1, 2 point that is quite normal. If you can hear such a message: "tomorrow to work an hour later," heaven, earth, this is a great gift!

Of course, many people think that

fly I was in YY, in fact, in the last year during the world cup 361 launched "to work off an hour" psychological marketing, but also for Internet users of Internet marketing.

this is Feifei today want to say a network marketing case: when the work was delayed for 1 hours to become the network marketing read more

Japan’s negative energy marketing UCC coffee actually poisoned the chicken soup…


@ Japanese pop daily report

so, Japanese coffee brand UCC

simply held a submission activities,

invites people to release their negative energy.

promote positive energy brand see more,

sometimes is not a subtly malicious, feel good


if you feel yourself

was tired as a dog all day

you’re a big mistake,

dogs are not as tired as you are

The ancients said

not to yield

really is too right

as long as a bucket on the knees Thanksgiving

no one can make you give up your dream read more

Redefine the rules of the game hammer released in sales and marketing highlights

layman watch, experts see road. As a person engaged in sales work, naturally depends on how to conduct a product demonstration Luo Yonghao, fortunately, this hammer phone conference called classic. Friends joked to hear a "dialogue", this is not a simple tease fun comic, the crosstalk is carefully planned, organized, where is the baggage, where there is applause, where to pause, where should sell who have been very precise design. He is a genius, he for selling products and packaging, to grasp the needs of the user, are called the world’s level, the audience for the control of company values interpretation depends on this point, he won my respect from the bottom of my heart, I think I have to buy a hammer. read more

WeChat marketing case 15 thousand friends traded 2764 single soil eggs

has more than two years did not write the article, has been doing some online projects. Has been in the middle of some small and medium enterprises, shops do WeChat marketing. Is really no time today to share one of the most down to earth case! PS: now too much WeChat marketing case, there are some of the root is not suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises, this case is suitable for any medium and small and micro enterprises, including personal operation.

last year, a friend introduced me to the city we do business owners to soil egg I know (soil egg is soil egg, really go to other provinces in rural areas for the boss from door to door), give me roughly about his business on the phone, now facing these problems: shortage of funds and lots of good, the line to do a lot of advertising, Internet advertising is not much to do, but have to achieve relatively good results. Now I want to try the mobile Internet, see if you can let us team to help out the ideas. read more

Now why love in music as millet and other starting their new QQ space

original title: now why love in music as millet and other starting their new QQ space? Because they are aware of the importance of making strategic layouts on social networks

[IT Time editor’s note] if you pay attention to it, you will find an interesting phenomenon: many new products are now in the QQ space for starters. Why is this? This article Zhu Yi told everybody, more and more companies realize the importance of strategic layout in the social network. Social marketing channels to open up as well as brand building based on social networks, has become the only way for traditional industries to transform the Internet thinking. From this point of view, the future of social networks have greater value. read more

A new way to free space

today, free space is less and less, it is too little, this is not a server less, more and more people just have to provide free space sponsorship less, there are many people hosting servers available, not so much space, but not for others, because now more and to monitor the Internet more strict, if there are illegal information, light warning, or move the server will have a record, a thankless task of things, who will do it,


is free space is so out of the market? Is the primary webmaster who need money to buy space and space is doomed no space? Didn’t show their platform? In fact, as long as there is a double surplus pattern, as long as can help to server friends, also can let the server idle friends earn as for the money, not money, I believe that many people are willing to offer the idle server server, only in this way, in order to provide free space for read more

The rules of network promotion user

the most important thing is to get the favor of visitors, bringing traffic also bring transactions. In order to rank the webmaster will nurture the chain, so for the webmaster of the user, it is necessary to use twelve points to raise the heart. User service should be raised to a very high position, improve the quality of service, the site can be more people can be recognized and accepted. The quality of service of a web site includes the following aspects:

user experience

visitors to your site, the first time there will be what kind of experience, the content is new enough eye, whether the link is smooth, the level of each forum is clear, there is no spam interference. Xiaobian that the site is now overwhelming, so many visitors every day browsing station, allowing users to browse may have gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory depth and the return rate of your station. Therefore, the site must have a point to seize the user’s eyes. The webmaster to look at their website visitors to view, your site will let visitors impressed Xiao Bian gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory? Often mention details, details for the webmaster because it is too important. From a website collocation of color is consistent with the human visual habits, to the description of the text is simple and novel in place, the title of the set is appropriate, is must be considered, this is the intention of the user service. read more

Xu Dehong used Taobao shipping promotion strategy

This is the

version of the "digital" sellers should be invited to share the editor about Taobao store shipping strategy how to formulate a small text, for everyone to share, we hope to have some help, welcome to discuss


at Taobao arena, the shipping promotions should be most dispensers are very good at one of the most simple gameplay, mostly on making strategic shipping is each one according to his lights. Set the bar high, off price increase, but the conversion rate is poor; set a low bar, the conversion rate is good, can not come off the price and shipping strategy; it seems really is not "a pat on the head" such a simple thing. The author has done a test, different packet policy on the conversion rate of the store will have an impact on 0.5-1%. read more