How to write a customer understanding of soft Wen

first talk about what is the soft Wen marketing, marketing commissioner can be ignored directly down kazakhstan.

what is the meaning of soft Wen is a marketing, advertising terms.

soft soft, is relatively hard on advertising. So those marketers, advertisers, are generally said to be hard wide, soft wide such terminology.

is usually the so-called soft wen you see "XXX", "with a monthly income of one hundred thousand to join the micro powder for taking XXX micro marketing training to teach you with a thousand," and "not to eat XXX husband below let me don’t want". However, do not think that only low-level products to write this soft. No matter the size of your brand promotion, when they cannot do without soft, no matter which website to see, such as the bus station, the station where the real estate articles are mostly selling cars, selling a car, buy a house so soft, the boys don’t take it seriously. read more

Outlook 2014 network marketing how to choose small and medium enterprises

2014 has been close at hand, network marketing for small and medium enterprises, is a blessing and a curse, a double-edged sword is a good use of their own advantages, the use of bad may have a lot of negative marketing. For example: those who do not have the bottom line of the hype, although you can quickly enhance the visibility of the enterprise, but once the user is exposed, it will allow the majority of users to produce a sense of disgust. The majority of SMEs into network marketing, often blindly follow the trend and phenomenon, 2014 WeChat marketing fire, so a lot of enterprises choose WeChat marketing. But in fact does not take into account their product is suitable, in my opinion the author WeChat marketing more suitable for some special industries, especially local business enterprise. Think about what your friends are doing around WeChat, why they use WeChat. read more

The picture always ignored marketing events. Strength

a lot of people think that marketing is advertising, soft Wen, public numbers and so on, but it seems that no one’s eyes on the image of marketing. Yet you do not underestimate this picture, sparks of fire can start a prairie fire, a small picture, perhaps will bring different results.

recently, a child maxed hairtail network news caused concern. This is the case, the teacher asked the children to bring a small fish to the school to observe, the other children with a small goldfish, and a child with a pot of carp, as follows. read more

There are a lot of network promotion, commonly used to have a few

said that there are more than 100 kinds of ways to promote the network, on the Baidu random search is a point of view. So we in the optimization of the web site specific can use what? Today I wish and Dennis discuss together to see.

first entered the site to promote the industry, the first to come into contact with is website promotion method, brand promotion, soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, Forum promotion and so on, but the specific time to work only to find, in fact we do not have so much time to every method are applied to the. Moreover, the author thinks that Dennis wide and scattered as small and fine, and aimless wide net effect as key for fishing. The author Dennis to talk about their work in common to the website promotion way. read more

Bankruptcy, bankruptcy, stop operation…… This was in the air industry is experiencing the most d

Abstract: since capital has arrived in the winter, so how to get through this winter has become every electricity supplier business enterprises need to focus on design issues. The pace of the development of the majority of electricity supplier companies more than the rhythm of the market, it should slow down to do business, and the corresponding reduction in subsidies, business is good, there will be someone to invest

"the wind stopped, the pig will fall down dead", this sentence has become the most real portrayal of entrepreneurial business at present. read more